Nantong Jiufu New Materials Co., LTD. 16kt/a epoxy resin, 8kt/a polyester resin, 8kt/a powder coating and by-product 3.8kt/a industrial salt project

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General change impact analysis published
Some changes have taken place in the actual construction process of Nantong Jiufu New Material Co., Ltd. compared with the EIA. According to the Notice on Issuing the List of Major Changes of Construction Projects with Pollution Impact (Trial) (EIA Letter [2020] No. 688 of the Environmental Affairs Office), it is clear that these changes do not belong to the category of major changes. Therefore, in accordance with the requirements of the Notice of Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment on Strengthening the connection between Environmental Assessment and emission Permit Management of Change-related Projects (Suzhou Environmental Affairs Office [2021] No. 122), the Analysis Report on General Changes of Environmental Impact of Nantong Jiufu New Materials Co., LTD was prepared and publicized. See the attachment for details.