Application of polyester resin

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When synthesizing polyester resin, if some other structures are introduced through chemical modification, polyester resin can have the original performance, to improve and highlight a certain performance, to achieve special application performance requirements, the use of epoxy, acrylic acid, silicone modified polyester resin.

Polyester resins used in coatings are generally low molecular weight, amorphous polymers containing branched chains that can be crosslinked. It is generally esterified by polyols and polyacids, there are two kinds of linear structure and branched structure, pure linear structure resin prepared paint film has better flexibility and processing properties; The hardness and weatherability of the film prepared by branching structure resin are more prominent. By adjusting the formula of polyester resin, such as excessive polyols, hydroxy-terminated polyester can be obtained. If the acid is excessive, the result is a carboxy-terminated polyester.