Application of polyester resin

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When synthesizing polyester resin, if some other structures are introduced through chemical modification, the polyester resin can have the performance that it does not have, so as to achieve the purpose of improving and highlighting certain performance, so as to achieve special application performance requirements. Epoxy, acrylic and silicone modified polyester resins are used more.

The polyester resins used in coatings are generally low molecular weight, amorphous, branched, crosslinkable polymers. It is generally made of polyhydric alcohol and polybasic acid esterification, there are pure linear and branched two kinds of structure, pure linear structure resin preparation of paint film has better flexibility and processing performance; branched structure resin preparation of paint film hardness and weather resistance is more prominent. Hydroxyl-terminated polyesters can be obtained by making adjustments to the polyester resin formulation, such as polyol excess. If the acid is present in excess, carboxyl-terminated polyesters are obtained.