Epoxy Hybrid Series Polyester Resin

Epoxy Hybrid Series Polyester Resin


It is a thermosetting powder coating with excellent physical, chemical and decorative properties, with saturated polyester resin and epoxy resin as the main components, supplemented with necessary pigments and fillers and additives, melted, extruded and ground.



Industrial salt | Polyester resin | Epoxy resin




Product description

Product number

Proportion Acid value mgKOH/g Viscosity mPa.s

Glass transition temperature TG℃

Curing conditions ℃/min

JF-55501 50/50 70-78 2500-3500 57 180℃/10min Excellent overall performance, general purpose
JF-55502 50/50 69-75 2000-3000 54 180℃/10min Economical, general purpose
JF-55505 50/50 65-72 2500-3500 53 180℃/15min

Excellent overall performance, especially suitable for physical extinction

JF-56401 60/40 48-56 2000-3500 55 180℃/15min

High gloss, high leveling

JF-56402 60/40 48-55 3500-4500 60 180℃/10min

High TG, excellent overall performance, general purpose

JF-57301 70/30 30-35 3000-5000 54 180℃/15min Excellent leveling and impact resistance
JF-57302 70/30 28-34 5500-7500 60 180℃/10min High TG, good overall performance

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