HAA series polyester resin

HAA series polyester resin


Add quantitative diethanolamine and catalyst into the reactor, gradually add dimethyl adipate dropwise under certain reaction conditions, and continuously distill methanol during the reaction. Add solvent after the reaction, recrystallize, filter and dry to get HAA



Industrial salt | Polyester resin | Epoxy resin




Product description

Product number Proportion

Acid value mgKOH/g

Viscosity mPa.s Glass transition temperature TG℃ Curing conditions ℃/min Features
JF-85556 95/5 30-36 2800-4100 61 180℃/10min Excellent leveling performance, good degassing, no frost
JF-86433 96/4 25-30 3500-4500 60 180℃/10min Low curing agent dosage, excellent leveling
JF-85511 95/5 30-34 4000-5500 61 180℃/10min General industrial grade, suitable for sand texture and texture powder
JF-85512 95/5 27-34 3300-4300 62 180℃/10min General industrial grade, excellent leveling, dual cure

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