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Skills required:

Customer representatives, sales, regional sales, telemarketing, market development.


1. Be responsible for the company's product sales in the area under its jurisdiction, develop and track new customers, increase the scope of product sales, and maintain old customers.

2, can timely collect market information and competitor analysis, and give suggestions.

3, familiar with product knowledge, the use of technology and experience to coordinate, cooperate with other business personnel to complete the total sales business.

4. Occasionally participate in foreign business activities such as exhibitions.


1. Age: 25-40 years old, at least 2 years sales experience, driver's license is preferred.

2. Having industry knowledge and marketing experience, with certain customer resources or channels is preferred.

3, familiar with computer operation, familiar with network applications, can skillfully operate office office software.

4. Have a strong sense of responsibility, initiative, good coordination, communication skills and teamwork spirit, strong learning and acceptance ability, keen market insight and strong expression ability, good sense of service, able to withstand certain work pressure.

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